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What kind of treatments do you offer?

Our doctors focus on advanced interventional pain, so our office can treat nearly any kind of pain. You can count on a thorough examination, and your doctor will recommend the treatment option that he or she believes will best treat your condition.

As for what procedures we offer, please view our list of traditional, as well as cutting-edge procedures, we offer to our patients by clicking the ‘Services’ or “Procedures’ tabs above. You will find a complete list of procedures, pain information, and a whole lot more.

Why is minimally invasive surgery at Illinois Back & Neck Institute better for me than other surgical options?

At Illinois Back & Neck Institute, we use advanced, minimally invasive spine procedures to treat neck and back conditions with a smaller incision, lower infection rate and a quicker recovery. The whole process, from initial consultation to recovery, is individualized for you conveniently in our modern, spa-like facility.

What are the risks of your minimally invasive spine procedures?

Our surgery complications are generally very low compared to open neck or back surgery. Our procedures are minimally invasive and require a small incision making complications very low and recovery much quicker compared to open neck or back surgery. As with any procedure, there is always risk of infection, but it is extremely rare.

How many spine procedures will I require to solve my neck or back pain?

Neck and back pain is very individualized. During the initial evaluation, it will be determined the seriousness of the condition. Most patients are able to be treated within a single session even if multiple procedures are required. This helps speed up recovery, reduce the risk of further complications, and keeps costs to a minimum.

Can you help me if I have had failed open back surgery?

Yes, we typically can. In fact, a large percentage of our patients have had failed open back surgery in the past or have new spine conditions that we were able to correct.

What medications should I avoid prior to having your minimally invasive spine procedures?

During our consultations, we will provide detailed instructions as to which medications can be taken or not and when. Patients should not discontinue any prescription or over-the-counter medication prescribed by a physician without consulting that physician first.

How soon after surgery can I drive?

Under typical circumstances, you're able to return to normal driving and other activities 48 hours after your procedure.

If I have cervical surgery, how long will I have to wear a neck collar?

It is recommended that a cervical collar be worn for the first two weeks after surgery. Patients are instructed to wear the collar if they are sitting or walking for an extended period of time, such as working at a desk or driving in a car.

Am I a candidate for The Pain Center of Illinois procedures?

Call us to come in for a consultation and we will discuss options and next steps.

What are my limitations after minimally invasive spine surgery, and how long will I be out of work?

Each patient's treatment and job differs, but in general we recommend limiting any lifting over 10 pounds for at least six weeks, and that you return to normal activities gradually to allow for maximum healing. Patients who have desk jobs can normally return to work within two weeks and patients with physically strenuous jobs should wait at least six weeks, depending on the job.

How early do I need to arrive for my appointment?

For clinic appointments, patients are requested to arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled appointment time.

For procedures, patients need to arrive one hour before their scheduled procedure time.

Will my insurance cover this procedure?

Illinois Back & Neck Institute is happy to accept most insurances. Your level of coverage and portion of the financial responsibility is dependent on your insurance. We encourage you to call our insurance provider directly for their policy.

I have an HMO policy. Will you accept it?

Illinois Back & Neck Institute is an out-of-network provider, coverage of our procedures is dependent on many factors. Please call one of our consultants so we can provide you with more information about how we work with HMO policies.

Is The Pain Center of Illinois considered an Out of Network provider?

Yes, we are an out-of-network provider.

Is there an up-front cost for your procedures?

Up-front costs can fluctuate depending on your insurance policy and copays. We are happy to help you understand your individual insurance policy including what it will or will not cover as well as the financing options we have available. Please call our team so we can provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Is outpatient surgery less expensive than a traditional surgery?

Unlike traditional open neck or back surgery, which requires an overnight hospital stay (or longer), outpatient surgery is quicker, easier and in most cases, much more cost effective. Additionally, we frequently treat multiple conditions at one time so that the patient does not have to return, keeping time and cost at a minimum.